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Industrial Specilaty Products

High Velocity Gas

Products that provide our clients with rapid and uniform heat distribution, robust burner with high turndown and air capability, controlled firing pattern to fit your needs. Products are selected on their ability to provide temperature uniformity, application quality, end result in improved efficiency.

High Velocity Gas Burner 6-8 Million BTU

GHT G001

The Globe gas burner 6 Million BTU is made from stainless steel. The gas burner has a high turndown ratio at around 15:1 which enables good control of the temperature. The ratio of air to gas can be altered to increase or decrease turbulence within the enclosure being heated.

– Air pressure switch

– Butterfly lever valve

– Flanged nozzle

– Ignition transformer

– Ignition spark probe

– UV cell for continuous monitoring of flame status

– Viewing window to manually monitor the flame status

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