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Industrial Specialty Products

Mains Units

Designed with ease of movement, stability, and servicing in mind for your heat treatment needs

Mains Voltage Control Unit in Mild Steel 6 Channel

GHT 8003

This mains unit is designed and manufactured for use either in a workshop or on site. The mains unit has been designed with ease of movement, stability and servicing in mind. The application is ideal for temporary furnaces.

The unit is connected to a 3 phase supply of either 380V or 440V which divides into 6 channels, each with their own set point controller and energy regulator. Quad cables are used with this unit to connect the heater elements to the work piece. 240V flat ceramic pad heaters can be used with the unit. The heating elements are connected in ‘star’ and each channel has 3 x 63 amp circuit breakers which allow the technician the ability to isolate each heater independently.

A 400 amp 3 phase isolator is fitted at the rear of the unit along with 2 thermocouple sockets per channel and remote programmer inputs. A 500 VA transformer is fitted within the unit supplying 2 x 110V auxiliary sockets that can be used to power temperature recorders, remote programmers or thermocouple attachment units. The front panel control is also fitted with an ’emergency stop’ which isolates all contactors, auxiliary sockets and remote programmer inputs.

Should the standard specification not satisfy your requirements then out team can manufacture a custom built unit to meet your needs.

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