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Industrial specialty products

Product Solutions

Industrial Specialty Products carries state-of-the-art products for the heat treatment of metals for industries including the oil and gas, power, chemical, heavy fabrication, forging, foundry and any other industry where heating processes are required.

Repairs & Retrofit Program

Want even higher levels of performance at a much lower price than buying new? Repairs and Retrofit your Heat Treatment Units with new features, technologies, and safety upgrades available on units being manufactured today. It is an affordable way to enhance your units and prevent unexpected job delays.

At Industrial Specialty Products we understand your investment when buying heat treatment equipment, that is why we offer ISP’s Repairs & Retrofitting Program. Your first defense against unexpected downtime and project delays is proactive equipment repair and replacement. The ISP Repairs & Retrofitting Program helps our clients obtain the most economic value out of your original investment by extending the life of the unit and minimizing the risk of unexpected project delays. In addition to the cost savings, you benefit from technology updates introduced after your equipment was manufactured and can upgrade optional features and technologies to current standards.

Returning a unit to like-new condition is an extensive process that requires trained professionals, specialized equipment, stringent quality control and access to the latest innovative updates. Industrial Specialty Products is capable of performing highly sophisticated repairs and retrofits with a consistent standard of excellence.

Utilize the Industrial Specialty Products Repair & Retrofit Program for your equipment to improve performance, efficiency, comfort, safety and serviceability. Some features may not have been available when you first acquired your units, with our program you not only get many technology updates, but you also get the choice to upgrade or retrofit with new features and options available on today’s models. It’s an affordable way to enhance your existing units even further to increase productivity.

Our team can provide you with:

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    Flexible maintenance contracts
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    Technical Support & Training
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    Calibration Services
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    Thermal Imaging
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    Temperature Uniformity Measurement
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    Remote Diagnostics
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    Spare Parts
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    Repair Services


Get mobile heat treatment and jobsite training from industry experts. We offer training solutions for fabricators and engineers, operators, service technicians and leaders looking to improve operations and jobsite safety. Contact one of our training experts for a customized solution to maximize your training investment.

At Industrial Specialty Products we are driven to minimize risk, improve quality, reduce costs, and save our clients time. Historically, end-users have needed to subcontract a heat treatment service provider to perform the necessary industrial heat treatment service one their site, potentially adding downtime on the job and additional costs. Committing to our values, Industrial Specialty Products wants to help our clients reduce costs and save time by providing the ISP Training Program.

Industrial Specialty Products’ certified instructors provide instructor-led operator training delivered on your jobsite, at our headquarters in the heart of Houston’s Industrial and Energy District, or virtual training sessions. Our training program and sessions are formatted to introduce new operators or for experienced operator looking for a refresher on heat treatment safety, controls, and operating procedures.

Ceramic Heater Trade-In Program

Improve your bottom line and your floor space by trading in your ceramic heating pads for new pads you can start working with today

What we accept through the ISP Trade-in program

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    Burned out ceramic heaters
  • ISP-icon-removebg-preview
    Damaged ceramic heaters