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ISP carries state-of-the-art products for the heat treatment of metals for industries including the oil and gas, power, chemical, heavy fabrication, forging, foundry and any other industry where heating processes are required.
Our extensive heat treatment equipment range includes heat treatment units, temperature control systems, and all related tools and accessories. We provide our clients with the market’s most advanced heat treatment solutions with products for electrical resistance, induction, and innovative remote-controlled units.

At Industrial Specialty Products we are focused on providing solutions that incorporate innovation, versatility, and conformance. The demands of the industry are higher than ever, and we at Industrial Specialty Products are committed to providing the safest and most cost-effective solutions to our clients to complete their projects quickly and accurately.

Our sales team is dedicated to providing the very best service to all our customers and can assist you with your heat treatment applications to provide the best fit from our catalog or provide you with a completely custom tool. With over 50 years of combined experience in the industry, they are proven problem solvers, identifying even the most complex product solutions for our clients.

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Industrial Specialty Products

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Equipment rental can provide a host of valuable advantages for your company or your next project. Whether you need your equipment for a few months for a few years, the Industrial Specialty Products Rental Shop provides you affordable heat treatment solutions that are cost-effective for your company’s needs or your next project. The advantage of renting allows you to source the equipment you need, avoiding the expense of upfront costs of buying new or used equipment.

Used Equipment

Considering a used heat treatment equipment? Sometimes, buying used is the best choice. It’s priced less than new, expanding your options without expanding your budget. At Industrial Specialty Products we are here to make sure you get exactly what you want: low hours, great condition, and the right configuration. Industrial Specialty Products’ in-stock inventory delivers all that and more — at multiple price points to fit your budget.

All of our used equipment is selected, inspected, and serviced to stringent quality standards. Each one of our rental tools goes through a 32-point inspection, providing you with like-new quality and selection of the latest features. Some of our used units come directly from our rental fleet, ensuring that your products are well-maintained by Industrial Specialty Products technicians.

Custom Solutions

At Industrial Specialty Products we work with our customers to make the impossible possible with custom heat treatment solutions for even your most challenging projects. Our Customers come to us with unique challenges and it is our jobs to deliver the custom heat treatment tools to get your job done with budget and schedule top of mind.

Our capacity to provide your custom solutions range from one-time product needs to larger scale production for use on all of your product sites. At Industrial Specialty Products, we can respond to even the most challenging and demanding product solution or your smallest project.