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Industrial Specialty Products


The ISP Rental Shop offers high-quality, dependable mobile heat treatment rental equipment at competitive rates to fit your company’s budget. We also recognize the importance of safety — all our machines receive regular maintenance from our experienced, well-trained technicians and undergo comprehensive inspections between rentals

Equipment rental can provide a host of valuable advantages for your company or your next project. Whether you need your equipment for a few months for a few years, the ISP Rental Shop provides you affordable heat treatment solutions that are cost-effective for your company’s needs or your next project. The advantage of renting allows you to source the equipment you need, avoiding the expense of upfront costs of buying new or used equipment.

When you rent from Industrial Specialty Products, you’ll always get a well-maintained, thoroughly inspected machine in peak operating condition. We’ll also handle all of the maintenance and repairs for you, including on-site emergency service in the unlikely event of a mechanical breakdown. At Industrial Specialty Products, we’ll do whatever it takes to maximize your experience and get your equipment to your jobsite quickly.

Key Advantages
of the ISP Rental Shop

  • Reduces or eliminates expenses like storage, maintenance and repairs
  • Enables you to streamline your project and make quick additions as needed
  • Offers a risk-free solution for sampling equipment you're thinking of purchasing
  • Allows you to acquire project-specific models that increase your productivity and efficiency
  • Provides access to the most technologically advanced equipment to enhance job site performance

At Industrial Specialty Products we understand the importance of having high-performing equipment to meet your productivity, cost and safety requirements. Our headquarters in the heart of Houston’s Industrial and Energy District offers a wide selection of mobile heat treatment equipment and consumables, combine that with our experience technical team and you will know you are getting the right product at the right cost for your projects