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Industrial Specialty Products


Carrying everything you need for a successful heat treatment project.

Twistlock Complete Sets

300 Amp Female Twistlock Complete

GHT 9016

300 Amp Male Twistlock Complete

GHT 9012

60 Amp Female Twistlock Complete

GHT 9005

60 Amp Male Twistlock Complete

GHT 9001

Panel Mounted Twistlock

300 Amp Male Panel Mounted Twistlock

GHT 9022

60 Amp Male Panel Mounted Twistlock

GHT 9010


Copper Shim 3/4″ Wide

GHT 9318

Copper Shim 1/2″ Wide

GHT 9317

Stainless Steel Thermocouples

The Stainless Steel Thermocouple probes support many temperature sensing applications. It’s stainless steel sheath and Magnesium Oxide (MgO) insulation provide protection against harsh environments, vibration dampening, and protection against thermal shock. Designed to be bendable and attached plug allow for adaptation and efficient installation.

GHT 9316

ETelebrineller Hardness Testing Kit

The Telebrineller system is a low cost and simple to use providing users with simple operation and certified accuracy while being specifically design for use in the field.

GHT 9310

Round Silver Magnet Pair

Two 60mm round limpet magnets fitted to a 230mm powder coated bar, used to hold flexible insulated preheaters (FIPs) to the workpiece during preheat up 250°C. Two pairs per FIP are recommended to hold the FIP in place.

GHT 9307

Iron Wire 25kg Roll

Used to secure smaller bands of heating elements and insulation mats and blankets.


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