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Thermocouple Attachments & Attachments

Providing our clients with highly portable Thermocouple attachment unit solutions for convenient and accurate applications where you need them most.

Thermocouple Attachment Units

GTW-V50 Thermocouple Attachment Unit

GHT 4100

The GTW-V50 is a portable, rechargeable battery operated, automatic, thermocouple attachment unit which uses the capacitance-discharge method for the attachment of thermocouple wire to a work piece, which is to be heat treated, in order to read the temperature of the workpiece.

Applications: The GTW-V50 has a variable, operator selectable, 22 to 50 Joules energy output suitable for attaching various sizes of thermocouple wire 0.5mm to 1.7mm solid TC wire. With its optional Manual or Automatic operating mode, for operators working alone, it is ideal for attaching thermocouples in in difficult to reach points on the workpiece and where, for safety, the operator requires a hand to be free.

Thermocouple Spares

Thermocouple Plug Type K Hollow pin

GHT 9040

Thermocouple Socket Type K

GHT 9041

Thermocouple Wire

TC Wire Type K 0.711mm High Density Glass Insulation

GHT 9208

This type K thermocouple wire, when heated, utilizes the Seebeck effect to produce a variable mV difference between the two dissimilar conductors (Nickel/Chrome and Nickel/Aluminum). This mV difference can then be used by temperature control and recording equipment to accurately control and record the temperature of the work piece being heat treated.

Thermocouple Wire, Type K, 0.8mm High Density Glass Insulation Laid Flat (ANSI)

GHT 9290

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Compensating Cable (1 x 0.8mm PVC - with My-Al Screen & Drain Wire)

GHT 9699

For use with type K thermocouples. Used to repair triple cable sets. When fitted with a thermocouple plug and socket the compensating cable can also be made into a separate compensating cable to connect additional thermocouples to a temperature recorder.

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